Fire Safety Equipment in New Lenox, IL

Commercial Fire ExtinguishersFederal building codes mandate the presence of various fire safety equipment in New Lenox, IL in your facilities. To make sure you’re maintaining compliance and keeping everyone safe in the event of a fire, turn to The Fire Guy Inc. Not only will we make sure your home or business has everything it needs to stay safe, we’re your all-in-one authority on testing and maintenance for all of the commercial fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment we sell.

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers are the cornerstone of fire safety equipment in New Lenox, Will County, Joliet, Chicago, and Mokena, IL. Having the right model, positioned in the right area could make all the difference if a blaze erupts. Count on us to make sure you have exactly the commercial fire extinguishers you need, positioned strategically throughout your facilities, ready to be deployed in seconds.

Whether the concern is wood and paper, oil and grease, or electrical fire, we’ll make sure you’re equipped to fight it. Our stock of extinguishers includes:

  • ABC fire extinguishers
  • BC dry chemical fire extinguishers
  • CO2 fire extinguishers
  • Halotron I fire extinguishers (clean agent)
  • Wet chemical fire extinguishers (Class K)
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers (Class D)
  • Water pressure fire extinguishers (Class A)
  • Water mist fire extinguishers

Fire Safety Equipment

Exit Signage

Proper exit signage is critical for maintaining building codes. When smoke fills the air and emergency systems are triggered, everyone will look for these crucial pieces of signage to get them to safety. Make sure they’re instantly visible and properly installed! We provide customers and facilities of all types with emergency signage that includes:

  • Exit sign (available in red or green illumination)
  • Emergency lighting
  • Combo unit
  • Exit sign installation

Get the Products You Need

Fire protection starts with the right fire safety equipment. Contact The Fire Guy Inc. today to make sure your home or facilities are properly outfitted with commercial fire extinguishers, exit lights, fire sprinkler inspections, and more, so you’re ready in the event of a fire. Reach us at 815-320-3277.

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