Emergency & Exit Lights in New Lenox, IL

Emergency LightsWhen heavy smoke floods the room, emergency lights in New Lenox, Will County, Joliet, Chicago, or Mokena, IL could be the difference between life and death. Make sure you have appropriate lighting throughout your facilities and that your lights are tested working on a regular basis. The Fire Guy Inc. is ready to help, with keen oversight for lighting that will give you complete peace of mind in your fire safety systems.

Emergency Lights

We sell emergency lights designed to ensure your facilities are appropriately warned when smoke or fire are detected. From lighting tied directly into fire alarm systems to exit lights in New Lenox, IL, we’ll work with you to ensure your facilities are properly outfitted with reliable lighting. Our lighting products are compliant with NAFED and NFPA standards and essential in areas where hearing protection is worn.

Emergency Lighting Inspections

Having appropriate lighting is only the first step in maintaining essential fire safety systems. Instead of wondering if your exit lights will work when you need them to, make sure they will with regular inspections, testing and maintenance. Our trained experts will put your lighting through its paces to make sure it’ll perform as expected. Our services include:

  • Check units for damage, obstruction and illumination.
  • Open unit to remove dust, debris and cob webs.
  • Check battery terminals for corrosion and clean if necessary.
  • Check charging circuitry to make sure its functioning properly.
  • Perform battery test duration for 90 minutes as required by code.
  • Clean exterior of units and if applicable adjust beams for proper alignment.

Shine a Light on Safety

When’s the last time you had your exit lights properly tested? Schedule a lighting or fire sprinkler inspection appointment with The Fire Guy Inc. today by calling 815-320-3277 and we’ll make sure your lights and fire safety equipment are responsive, functional and in a position to keep you safe and alert in the event of a fire.

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